"It is a tremendous pleasure to work with such an outstanding leader. Carol demonstrates continuous pursuit of excellence. Although she undoubtedly possesses all the management skills, she impresses me most with her High Octane drive and approach to reshape the culture of an organization utilizing exceptional management concepts and skills."

Jim Urso, Sales Manager Americas @ Flennor Automotive Group

"As a customer of Import Logistics - Carol's presence, impact on processes and improvement of the work environment could immediately be felt. Her work approach is analytical, pragmatic and efficient and she surely is a great asset to any company and its customers."

Ronny Lasner, Vice President Sales and Operations @ Thermamax, Inc.


"Carol is a rock star! As supervisor, co-worker, business professional and friend, her influence has been invaluable. In her role running operations at Wikus, her communication skills, troubleshooting ability, business savvy and general know-how kept everything running smoothly. No one is more dedicated or works harder than she does. I am honored to count Carol as a friend and would jump at the chance to work with her again."

Gwen Izewski, Regional Sales Manager @ Wikus Saw Technology Corp.

"Carol strives to make the jobs of those around her easier."

Julie Grief, Customer Service Supervisor @ Import Logistics, Inc.


"I know Carol to be an extremely smart, hardworking, ethical COO/Operations Manager. We worked together on several projects at Wikus Saw Technology Corp. and Carol was always well prepared. When seeking legal advice she asked penetrating and insightful questions. Carol never lost sight of the "human" side of her business decisions all the while having mastery of the financial implications of her decisions. I am pleased to endorse her."

Ross Molho, Equity Partner @ Clingen Callow & McLean, LLC

"I had the opportunity to work with Carol from 2007 to 2009 and was endlessly impressed by her dedication, business understanding, and savoir faire. Carol brought to the table a rare and valuable combination of prefessionalism and forthrightness. She was a breath of fresh air and my visits to WIKUS were always a pleasure thanks to her honesty, her broad and incisive understanding across a wide area of business management, and her willingness to work hard. Wherever her career takes her, I hope it's somewhere I can work with her again."

Rick Jones, Lead Auditor @ CWB Group

"I have known Carol for 6 years as her PC/Network consultant. Her assessment of problems and understanding of processes is refreshing and has made my work significanly less. She also has a strong aptitude to understand and retain the various maintenance procedures we set in place resulting in fewer billable support hours. Perhaps her greatest asset is her ability to troubleshoot. More than just providing information, Carol has often suggested ideas that have been key to getting the problem solved.

Second to network support, I have always enjoyed working at Wikus. It is a friendly, happy place and Carol and her employees work together as a team. Part of this success is the understanding and trust in her as manager and decision maker.

I would gladly welcome an opportunity to work for Carol again."

Jeffrey Hearn, Consultant @ JTA Computing